Project 12

Ensure Justice, Security and Defense

Ensure Justice, Security and Defense

Justice lends itself to multiple purposes. In the modern State that we advocate, justice as an institution will adequately meet the requirements of ensuring compliance with the laws and guaranteeing the rights of everyone. Thus, it will be necessary to reform our judicial system for fair and impartial justice. This reform involves an overhaul of our legal corpus for good harmonization between law and society. We encourage laws to strengthen judicial independence, laws to consolidate the financial security and irremovability of judges, codes of ethics for the exercise of the legal profession.

Human rights organizations must be supported to continue to be useful to the progress of society. We will encourage the creation of legal aid services to support low-income litigants. We are for the provision of adequate means for effective judicial inspection. En Avant intends to work to promote the emergence of an alternative to the corrupt judicial system causing too much harm to the country.

En Avant affirms the inalienable right to safety and security. Public authorities must organize the protection of citizens while guaranteeing our fundamental rights and freedoms. No ambition for Haiti can do without the restoration of state authority, the demobilization of armed gangs that poison the lives of citizens, the modernization and strengthening of the PNH and the Haitian army.

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