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Our vision is "Changing Haiti together."

The party prioritizes the needs of youth, women, and the diaspora.

Our main priorities will be security, employment, and education.

En Avant's strategy to tackle the issue of insecurity in Haiti encompasses a multifaceted approach that recognizes the complexity of the problem and aims to address its root causes. While gang violence and kidnapping are often highlighted, En Avant understands that insecurity in Haiti goes beyond these manifestations and requires a comprehensive solution.

To begin with, immediate governmental action is crucial to gain control over gang activities. This entails implementing measures to curb violence and ensure the safety of citizens. However, En Avant recognizes that a sustainable solution necessitates addressing underlying issues such as food insecurity and delinquency prevention.

Food insecurity leaves the population vulnerable to criminal involvement, while delinquency acts as a precursor to future criminal behavior. Therefore, En Avant emphasizes the importance of initiatives aimed at alleviating food insecurity and providing opportunities for at-risk youth to prevent them from being drawn into criminal activities.

Furthermore, En Avant acknowledges the need to disrupt the flow of weapons into the country, whether from internal or external sources. This requires bolstering border security and implementing advanced surveillance systems to monitor and control the entry of weapons.

En Avant's plan represents a comprehensive yet pragmatic approach to addressing insecurity in Haiti. While the outlined strategies provide a broad overview, En Avant understands that successful implementation will require coordinated efforts across various sectors and ongoing commitment to addressing the root causes of insecurity in the country.

En Avant is a reformistand social-democratic party committed to transcending traditional left-right divides. We welcome individuals from all walks of life, irrespective of demographic or of their political, religious, backgrounds, who share our goal of rebuilding a unified, prosperous Haiti. Rejecting extremism, our political stance rests solely on promoting the welfare of all Haitians, ensuring security, and fearlessly advancing the causes of our nation on the global stage. We invite our countrymento be inspired by the bravery and courage of our forefathers. We refuse to be pigeonholed into simplistic left-right labels, striving instead for policies that foster both economic prosperity and social justice.

Our values encompass good governance, public welfare, discipline, order, administrative efficiency, patriotism, integrity, fraternity, solidarity, equitable wealth distribution, justice, and fairness. We draw inspiration from the legacy of Henri Christophe, a visionary leader whose principles of greatness, innovation, modernity, stability, and economic progress guide our endeavors. The Christophian ideal emphasizes mandatory education, strategic diplomacy, and the fight against corruption.

Yes, En Avant does have a plan to restore Haiti to its former glory days. The key projects an En Avant government envisions include:
  1. Restoring security Nationwide
  2. Building a national defense and ensuring civil protection
  3. Revitalize the economy and creating employment
  4. Reforming education
  5. Integrating the diaspora
  6. Ensuring health for all
  7. Promoting gender equality
  8. Protecting the environment and managing land resources
  9. Fostering cultural promotion
  10. Guiding youth, sports, and civic engagement
  11. Strengthening the justice system
  12. Developing and rehabilitating critical infrastructure
  13. Reimagining diplomacy, external cooperation, and foreign policy
  14. Increasing national production and modernizing agriculture
  15. Ensuring transparency and accountability
  16. Supporting the private sector
  17. Assisting local authorities
  18. Rethinking energy policies
  19. Leveraging mineral resources for economic development
  20. Revitalizing the tourism sector.
Please note that the above serves as a summary and does not encompass the full extent of En Avant's aspirations for Haiti, nor does it represent our entire strategy for change. For a thorough understanding of our vision and detailed plans, we invite you to explore our comprehensive vision booklet.
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