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Fight for Equality between Men and Women

Fight for Equality between Men and Women

At the very heart of En Avant’s fight, there is a fierce desire to correct injustices, to ensure that all our compatriots enjoy the same privileges before the law or the same opportunities in life regardless of their gender. In Haiti, women’s rights are still often violated. In the world of work, with equal skills, Haitian women earn less than men. They are the object of all kinds of abuse, particularly sexual abuse, which society tends to minimize.

The movement is committed to fighting body and soul against inequality between men and women. We will emphasize the significant disparities between men and women in terms of job opportunities, since unemployment particularly affects young women. Women often continue to work longer than men when both paid and unpaid work are taken into account. If we want to advance equality between men and women, we will have to fill these gaps.

Human beings are equal. This equality is even the primary foundation of our values. From this flows our ideal for social justice. We have certainly made slight progress in terms of gender equality. However, we must continue these efforts so that this equality is effective in our ways of doing things. We will put in place practices and policies that will promote the full participation of women in public political affairs.

To support the feminist movement, En Avant has set up a structure called FEMMES EN AVANT whose activities will aim to promote women and defend their rights in all areas. WOMEN FORWARD also intends to defend an Ambitious legislative agenda that takes into account the issues faced daily by Haitian women. This structure will also promote a project called “SANTÉ FANM” aimed at establishing a national network of health service providers dedicated to the prevention, screening and treatment of diseases specific to women (particularly in rural areas). ). “Femme en Avant” will also work to identify professional sectors where women are still under-represented.

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