Project 18

Implement Transparency and Accountability

Implement Transparency and Accountability

Transparency and accountability constitute a fundamental pillar for En Avant. Our actions will go in the direction of a merciless battle against the monster of corruption which remains an obstacle to the economic development of Haiti. This pillar will be the hallmark of our ideological and political DNA. No ambition for progress and modernization is possible just as Haiti does not have strong institutions capable of ensuring the proper management of public funds.

We are thinking first of all of the ULCC, whose mission is to combat corruption in public administration, in order to protect public and collective property, ensure the effectiveness of measures aimed at sanctioning and eliminating acts of corruption, promote transparency in the management of public affairs, moralizing public administration and public life in general.

In this sense, En Avant intends to encourage the 51st legislature to pass a law on the moralization of public life. En Avant will make the fight against corruption one of its main commitments. The State must be at the service of the citizen and not at the service of a small group of greedy predators.

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