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Make Education and Health Two National Priorities

Make Education and Health Two National Priorities

The education-health pairing is essential within a national project focused on the long term. Let’s take education first. The defects of Haitian society mired in underdevelopment will only find cures through the provision of quality education to our children. This must affect primary and secondary education as well as university and vocational and technical training.

En Avant will campaign for the development of university centers and professional schools in at least four major cities across the country. Education, against ignorance and all obscurantisme, is the key to the emancipation and development of all Haitians. We want a humanist education, capable of opening up perspectives for each Haitian, of achieving a fulfilled life. We want effective free primary and secondary education for all. We want loan and grant programs for students/students. We want civic education programs to transform the Haitian citizen into a true agent of development.

We must be able to guarantee employability conditions for our youth, notably through quality professional training. In Haiti, professional training should not be considered as a means of catching up or a second chance, but rather as a fundamental pillar of a national project. It must aim to train qualified young people who can enter the job market. It must be in line with the priority sectors of the economy. We need more mechanics, plumbers, carpenters, ironworkers, tailors, shipowners, electricians…

To be effective, professional training for young people must also be adapted to the needs of hiring companies. The party also encourages a reform of vocational and technical education which is designed with employers via the chambers of commerce and industry. It is together that the private sector and the state must define the professions of the future.

Even when trained and educated, if the citizen is not in good health, he cannot fully fulfill his role in society. If the schoolchild is not healthy, he is not able to receive quality education. Education and health go hand in hand. This is why public policies in education and health must be considered priorities in a national project anchored on excellence and performance.

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