Project 8

Protect the Environment and Ensure Land use Planning

Protect the Environment and Ensure Land use Planning

For En Avant, it is imperative to think about the environment and land use planning in a serious and planned way. This implies a clear vision of the initiatives to be implemented for the management of watersheds and reforestation, the preservation of endemic species and biodiversity, the management of water resources, development and urban planning, the establishment of development, development of rural housing areas, land reform.

Protecting the environment means preserving the survival and future of Haiti. The environment is our source of food and drinking water. Air is our source of oxygen. The climate allows our survival. And biodiversity is a potential reservoir of medicines but also an attractive factor within the framework of an ambitious tourism policy. Protecting the environment means protecting our source of food and drinking water. All pollution eventually ends up in the water we drink or what we eat. Protecting the environment means preserving the quality of the air we breathe. It is to protect the variety of animal and plant species in nature.

In Haiti, pollution, the greenhouse effect and carbon dioxide emissions, cyclones, water scarcity and desertification have caused enormous damage and continue to cause damage. As in all less developed countries, priority is given to survival and the short term at the expense of heritage management from an intergenerational perspective. It is true that we cannot opt for an environmental policy as sophisticated as the already advanced countries, but we will need one more adapted to our reality, our limits, our constraints. Environment and economic development are not antagonistic. Sustainable development makes it possible to reconcile these two dimensions on the condition of revolutionizing modes of production and consumption thanks to technological advances and collective actions.

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