Project 15

Rethink our Diplomacy and Foreign Policy

Rethink our Diplomacy and Foreign Policy

Our diplomatic policy must remain faithful to the principle of self-determination of peoples and the defense of human rights. We encourage a dynamic and modern foreign policy in the service of development. We encourage the complete overhaul of the Haitian Chancellery. As currently structured, it is still not able to ensure the implementation of an ambitious and effective foreign policy. Furthermore, the recruitment of staff at the level of the internal and external services of the Chancellery continues to take place without well-defined objectives.

For Haiti, a new intelligent foreign policy is therefore more than necessary to benefit from commercial opportunities, to attract foreign investments, to promote winning partnerships between local and international firms, to improve Haiti’s image internationally. ‘outside. Our preference: “Economic diplomacy” serving the promotion of investments and exports of our goods and services.

To this end, particular emphasis should be placed on the training of Economic and Commercial Attachés who will be deployed in the targeted countries. In choosing target markets, we should continue to cooperate with our traditional allies in North America and Europe, but without neglecting Asian nations and emerging countries. We can think outside the box by reinventing our diplomacy to put it at the service of the fight against poverty.

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